Sign Up For Medicare

Signing up for Medicare Plans Made Easy

Sign up for medicare, woman with red shirt signing up for MedicareSigning up for Medicare Plans is simple and fast, as long as you know where to go. Below is a guide on how to sign up for Medicare, starting with Medicare Part A.

Part A – Hospital Insurance

Part A, also known as hospital insurance, is where all Medicare enrollees start. All U.S. residents, who have been permanent residents for five years, who have paid into Social Security during employment, or have spouses who have done so, will automatically be enrolled for Medicare coverage and receive benefits. Those who do not meet these qualifications can still obtain Part A for a monthly premium. Contact 1-800-MEDICARE to sign up for Medicare Part A if you don’t qualify for automatic enrollment.

Part B

Part B of Medicare is elective meaning enrollment will not be automatic. Anyone looking to receive medical benefits through Medicare part B must contact Social Security directly. You can also use the Social Security Online Benefit Application located on their website to enroll.

Part C & D

Part C, Part D, and Medicare Supplement Insurance are a little different. These types of plans are offered through private insurance companies. This means that you may have to contact them directly to enroll. Some enrollees choose to do the research, selection, and enrollment for these private plans by themselves. Selecting a Part C, Part D, or Medicare Supplement Plan is a daunting task and requires extreme attention to detail. This is why many more enrollees look to experts for assistance. Licensed sales agents are a great resource because they can compare multiple plans from different carriers in terms that anyone can understand. There is also a great advantage in the fact that many licensed sales agents often work independently from the carriers. This means that they will not feel pressure to sell one particular plan and will be free to make the best suggestion for the consumer.

Find out about the government’s official Medicare website at

So remember, there are different ways to enroll in the different parts of Medicare. Part A and Part B are government run so you’ll need to get in touch with Medicare and Social Security respectively. The private plans, Part C, Part D, and Medicare Supplement all require a little more research. You can apply directly through your desired carrier, or use the help of a Licensed Sales Agents to do the research and help you apply. And if you choose to contact our Licensed Sales Agents at your service will be free of charge. We can even walk you through the application process to make sure your enrollment will be quick and easy. Give us a call at 1-800-328-7305 to get some advice today.  You may also visit your local Social Security office or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.  TTY users should call 1-800-325-0778.