Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Balancing the Costs of Prescription Drugs

Medicare Drug Plans presented with an open bottle of pillsPrescription drugs can be extremely beneficial for those in need. With the advent of new prescription medication, more and more Americans are living comfortable lives free of ailment. These benefits come at a cost, however. Prescription drugs can be very expensive, especially those that do not have readily available generics. Luckily, for those of us that qualify for Medicare, the cost of these prescription drugs can be greatly reduced with a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans help to cover the costs of medication for those enrolled. They can exist on their own as a separate plan or as part of a Part C Advantage Plan. Part D Drug Plans were introduced to help more Americans get the medication they need in an affordable way, but not all medications are covered by all Part D Plans.

Research First

When researching Drug Plans, it’s very important to make sure your specific medication is covered by your desired plan. You can find out what plans are available in your area by contacting one of our licensed sales agents, who can also help you determine whether your medications will be covered.