About MedicareSolutions.com

Description of Medicare Solutions and Products Offered

Medicare Solutions is a service of Health Plan One, LLC and offers Medicare supplement plans from most of the top, national insurance companies. We strive to put the customer in the highest quality product that best fits their financial and health care needs. And so, in determining the right products to offer consumers, we have selected companies that have strong and trusted brand names, “A” financial ratings, and very competitively priced products.

Medicare supplement plan benefits are regulated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and have strict plan designs. The fixed benefit designs of Plans A through J make comparison mostly a function of price. In 2008, we reviewed Medicare supplement plans in every state in the country based on price. We found that in the majority of states, the most competitively priced plans were offered by Mutual of Omaha, the local Blue Cross plan and occasionally a regional health insurance company. We therefore concluded that if we offered Mutual of Omaha (and its subsidiaries, including United of Omaha), and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we would be presenting our customers with a manageable portfolio of plans that represented the best in the business. Further, these plans all have large books of business, which offer long-term price stability and security for a beneficiary that will likely hold on to the selected plan for 10-25 years (as it is difficult to change plans after the initial eligibility period).