Medicare Resources & Help

Medicare Made Simple

Medicare Solutions seeks to help make your Medicare experience as transparent and simple as possible. We can help walk you through the entire enrollment process, explaining when the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Open Enrollment Period begins, Special Enrollment Periods, and if you may face late penalties (and how to avoid them). You can read about when eligibility begins and we can even help walk you through the application process. When it’s time to choose your plan, Medicare Solutions can help walk you through your plan options to help you decide which plan is right for your health care needs.

Medicare 101

Our Medicare 101 section helps explain how to travel with Medicare, whether you choose Medicare Part A and Part B or Medicare Advantage. Find the answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ page. Here you can read about what the Prescription Drug “donut hole” is and what it may cost you. Plus, what kind of medical supplies your Medicare plan may cover. Finally, read about how to decipher common Medicare jargon on our Glossary page.

Enrolling in Medicare

In your introduction to Medicare, it is important to understand the numerous variables in the Medicare enrollment process. How do you enroll? Who is eligible? When does the Open Enrollment Period begin? Are there penalties for enrolling late? How does Medicare Advantage work? Medicare Solutions helps answer each of these questions, walking you through the application process, as well as how to determine eligibility. We explain possible late penalties and how to avoid them, plus look at Open Enrollment Period and Special Enrollment Periods. When enrolling in Medicare, we can help you find answers to your Medicare questions.

How to Pick Your Plan

Choosing your Medicare plan can be very confusing. Plans might have different benefits and costs, and even their own set of rules governing enrollment. How do you know which plan may be right for you? Do you need a Medicare Supplement Plan? What about a Prescription Drug Plan? Medicare Solutions helps walk you through your Medicare plan options, taking you through the ABC’s of Medicare to help find the right plan for you.

Traveling with Medicare

How does Medicare work when you travel? What happens if you take a cruise? What happens when you travel within the U.S. versus traveling abroad? Medicare Solutions can help you understand how travel affects your health care and Medicare coverage, and whether there’s a difference between traveling with Medicare Part A and Part B and traveling with Medicare Advantage.

Medicare FAQs

The Medicare Solutions Medicare FAQ page answers some of the most common questions people may have about Medicare coverage. Does Medicare cover medical equipment? What’s the Medicare donut hole? Is Medicare the same thing as Medicaid? What about preventive care, does Medicare cover that? We let you know which types of plans cover certain medical supplies, what costs you may expect from the donut hole (and when it ends), and help you compare the benefits of Medicare Advantage with those of Medicare Part A and Part B.

Glossary of Definitions

Learn the definitions of over seven dozen Medicare terms on the Medicare Solutions Glossary page, where we offer definitions of common medical terms and how they relate to Medicare. If you’re ever unsure what a term means during your Medicare research, this page clarifies how Medicare relates to preventive care, hospice, balance billing, and so much more.